The Police Clerk's Office:

The Police Clerk's Office is Located at 40 Green St.
(same entrance as the Police Department)
914) 242-9054

Office Hours - Monday through Friday - 8:00am - 4:30pm

All fees are to be paid for by Cash or Check - NO CREDIT CARDS

Accident Reports: $5.00
If you were involved in an accident and an Officer completed an MV104A (NYS Accident Report), bring proper ID, date and time of the accident or the event number issued at the time of accident and a copy of the report will be provided to you. If photos are taken for the MV104A, an additional fee will be charged.  You are required to file an MV104 which is the civilian version of an MV104A.  Blank versions of this form may be obtained at the clerk's office.  You can print a version of this form by clicking here.  You will need acrobat reader for this form.

All other motor vehicle forms can be downloaded from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle web site.

Taxi Cab / Driver Applications

Taxi Cab Application: $350.00
All taxi cabs operating in the Town/Village of Mount Kisco must be licensed by the Town/Village in addition to following standard DMV protocol. An application can be obtained and filed at the Police Clerk's office requiring:

  • An inspection of the Taxi Cab by the MKPD

  • Proof of valid insurance

  • Sponsorship by a Taxi Cab company in the Town/Village of Mt. Kisco

Driver Applications: $200.00
All drivers employed by a Taxi Cab company in the Town/Village of Mt. Kisco must be licensed by the Town/Village of Mt. Kisco in addition to having a valid class E drivers license. The applicant must provide 3 photos and must renew the license annually. The MKPD will perform a license check on the driver upon completion of the annual application to ensure a valid NYS drivers license exists.

Taxi Driver Fingerprint Fee: $75.00

Applicants may not operate as a Taxi Cab / Driver until your 
application has been approved and is in hand



Good Conduct Letters: $25.00
A good conduct letter is a signed document stating the applicant is a citizen of Mount Kisco and that the applicant is in good standings.  This document refers only to the applicants history in the Village/Town of Mount Kisco and does not reflect incidences occurring elsewhere. A history of all addresses the applicant has lived at in Mount Kisco is necessary along with the dates at that address. 

Alarm Permit Applications: $10.00 
($20.00 if paid after Feb. 28th)
(Instructions for Alarm permit application)
All locations located in the Town/Village of Mount Kisco having a burglar, fire, panic,  temperature, gas or any other type alarm requiring the Mount Kisco Police Department to respond must have an alarm permit.  An application for such permit can be obtained at the Clerk's office or printed from the above link.  Upon completion, an alarm permit will be issued.  A $10.00 fee will be charged for the permit. The fee for false alarms are subject to change. 

Fingerprints: $20.00
Fingerprints are taken for Mount Kisco residents and employees of Mount Kisco businesses only. Fingerprints are taken on Tuesdays between 3:30pm and 5:00pm. You must be at the Police department prior to 4:30pm in order to pay for the fingerprints. The following is required for fingerprints:

Miscellaneous Reports:
Fee is subject to availability and contents of pages. (i.e. photos, notarized documents, etc.)
Many circumstances require additional reports which may not have been mentioned above. Attorneys and insurance companies may subpoena documents to support cases they are working on for clients. These reports are generally $5.00 each. Photos supporting documents requested will be charged actual price for duplication from the negative or original. A copy of the daily blotter can be obtained for the above mentioned price.