Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to pay for a parking / moving summons?

Payments can be mailed in for parking tickets to:

The Mount Kisco Justice Court
40 Green St.
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Moving violations can be mailed in to the same address, however, since there is no fine, one will be imposed by the Judge and payment, along with your conviction stub can be mailed to the abovementioned address.  

If you would like to plead "not guilty", you can do so by filling in the appropriate box on the summons and mailing it in to the same location. You will receive a trial date via mail.

Lost / Stolen / or Confiscated Motor Vehicle Items: (New York State Only)

Driver's License
Non-Driver ID
Learner's Permit
License Plate(s)
Registration / Sticker

If any of the following have been lost, stolen/destroyed as a result of a crime, or confiscated/surrendered to police to comply with  surrender / revocation order:

You need to report this to the police department where the incident occurred.  An MV-78B will be completed and signed by the officer completing the form. This form is needed by DMV in order for your documents to be replaced. Please note: this form is available only from police agencies, and is not available to the public from DMV. Items will be replaced free of charge if the police report shows they were lost due to crime. For more information, check the DMV web site.

My car was impounded, how can I get it back?

Once all the proper documentation is in order, you will need to complete the following steps (in this order):

* Note: The vehicle will only be released to the registered owner of the vehicle.

I received a summons for an equipment defect, where can I get it inspected to have the summons dismissed?

According to VTL 376-A, the charge will be dismissed if proof is presented to the court that the defect was corrected prior to one-half hour after sunset on the first full business day after issuance of the summons. This law does not include summonses where both headlamps are defective and a violation relating to service brakes.

The following are acceptable proofs of correction:

  1. A statement of correction from
    (A) an officially designated state inspection station duly executed by the person performing or making such inspection and bearing the official stamp of the state inspection station, or
    (B) from an automobile repair shop on the letterhead of such repair shop duly executed by the person who made the correction, or
    (C). from any registrar having more than twenty-five vehicles registered and having a fleet maintenance program administered by the registrant , duly executed by the person performing or making such correction and countersigned by the fleet maintenance supervisor, or
  2. a signed statement of any police officer that the necessary corrections have been made, or
  3. in the discretion of the court, submission of the vehicle to the court no later than one half hour after the next ensuing sunset.