MKPD Motorcycles


The motorcycle unit was formed in July 1993 and made its debut in the annual Fireman's Parade.  The unit was initially formed with two sergeants and four officers.  The 1994 work schedule was designed to provide a motorcycle officer for each patrol squad in an effort to ensure optimum motorcycle patrol coverage.  In March 1994 a second motorcycle was purchased.

The motorcycle unit has proven to be an effective patrol option.  In addition to supplementing regular patrol vehicles, the motorcycle unit has been used for ceremonial purposes and special traffic safety initiatives.

The officers that serve the motorcycle unit approach their assignment with a high degree of pride.  The positive feedback from the public is a testament to the professional demeanor of the unit.  We will continue to be in full compliment which will enable the unit to be more visible on patrol.


When the unit was formed our initial training consisted of a one week certification course.  The training was provided by members of the Yonkers Police Department's Traffic Unit.  Since that time, officers have successfully completed certification courses conducted under the auspices of the Maryland State Police and the Northwestern University Traffic Institute / Harley Davidson National Academy.

The department currently has one certified instructor who is charged with coordinating in-service training.